Halloween. Let’s Start Bitching Now.

So, I took my daughter to Halloween World (not it’s real, equally obvious name), today. I can’t believe how unabashedly ADULT the consumerist culture has made Halloween. This store made you enter into the adult section, mostly whores and man slaughterers abounding, before you traipse through the $99.95 displays of full-sized bloody nurses, crazy institutionalized men, and skeletal cats, before you get to “My little pony land”.

I saw a little boy, probably 5 years old, screaming for his LIFE as his smirking dad carried him to the “safety zone” of kids. This kid’s dad was clearly toughening his kid up for the zombie-apocolypse.

The scar-ification of Halloween costumes is pretty triggering for me. If any of you were “troubled youths”, you also may have been cutters. I still remember the first time I ever took a knife to my own skin. It was a steak knife. I still have perfect horizontal stripes up my left arm. (I am a righty)…When I see the putty-scars that are so popular now in today’s halloween culture, I get pretty triggered. I mean, I had never actually contemplated what a graphic bite mark might look like (I never bit myself as I am altogether too fattening), but now I know. So sick. Oh and so does that 5 year old boy, in case he was curious. Which he most certainly was NOT. There were other fake wounds that did look a bit familiar to me.

Maybe that’s totally what Halloween is about-being sickening…but if you’re out to mortify young children, you may refer to option B.

Option B. is only relevant if you’re female, and over age 5. Watch as your Snow White baby costume get’s hiked up and bosomed-down. Every girl and woman is destined to be some sexualized creature. There is nothing UNSEXUAL to dress up as for Halloween for me, as a female. And the funniest thing is, not dressing up, but walking around as a 32 year old female? That’s sexual enough for me and, um…most men? (Refer to previous posts regarding perverted men).

I won’t go on about the hyper-sexualized, hyper-violent trends this year for Halloween, because someone with a much more committed dedication to Google Images can provide you with a better poster. But I did want to open up a thread on how fucked up Halloween is.

The End.


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