So that happened:

I just got completely pissed on by a guy on Match. Oh, and he was one of the one’s who’s profile says “Im just nice. I just wanna nice girl. Nice nice nice nice bars, bars, friends, nice, snuggle”. That was his profile when broken down to the bare syllables.

Well, he messaged me in the most annoying frame possible, with “How is Match treating ya?”….which I don’t have to explain, do I? I mean, how is this electronic love portal itself, this box of sparks, this computer conglom????treating me???

Um, the same as my oven and toilet. Like its my BITCH!

jk I don’t talk like that. But still…

I read the above mentioned profile and wrote back “I don’t think we’d be a very good match, given the amount of times you referenced bars in your profile, as I am an alcoholic.”

Well, he just gets all offended, and the wind-up took a good 2 hours (Men are notoriously stupid, and bad at typing)…

He wrote: and I quote:

“You are right – those whopping two times the word “bar” appears, including in the paragraph where I blatently explain how I don’t miss going to them much anymore, is definitely an indictment of my lifestyle. I must clearly be some party-fiend booze-bag with no maturity or responsibility. Thanks for the insulting insinuation and being completely judgmental and putting me into a box, even though you have never even met me. How would you like it if a guy said something like “considering you let yourself get knocked up out of wedlock at 20 years old, I doubt we’d be a good match”?

Good luck in your search.”

Oh the smackdown!!!! It’s pretty sad and funny to me. I guess some people don’t realize that when I come out as a recovering alcoholic, and suggest they might be too much of a drinker for me, that I  am standing up for myself and sparing myself the hassle of dealing with a drinker. I NEED to meet a guy who does NOT have 4 of his 5 pictures on Match featuring him, on a boat with a beer, or on a beach with a beer, or at a bar with a beer. Or, additionally, standing not with a beer, but with a dead fish in his hands by the gill.

That is all.



  1. MisYolanda · October 6, 2015

    LOL! I’m laughing because I also find myself dealing with some losers online!


  2. cambriasmommy7 · October 6, 2015

    He automatically assumed you where calling him an excessive drinker not realizing. That recovering alcoholic doesn’t want/need to be around alcohol at all. Too much temptation. Arrogant ass.


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