The Creepiest Match Profile Award (of the Day)…

Ladies, we have a real winner today. I do not know why the below-quoted man bothered to email me, because I would not respond to someone who’d write THIS in a million years:

“I’m hoping that by posting a sincere and brutally honest profile maybe, just maybe I will be rewarded by a few sincere honest replies by women who have at least taken the time to read it through. Be careful you may be a bit SHOCKED, this is uncensored material…! Online dating seems like an interesting study in contrasts and incorrect assumptions; however, I am curious as to what part of my profile content would make a woman interested. Talking to some here has been curiously confusing! Women who think “average” is 60-100lbs overweight, women searching for a mate, by looks, based on a character from the movie Twilight, those who think men are a means to further their future monetarily or women looking for a father figure for their tribe of horrible children they created with the first 3 husbands. So for those of you who fit the criteria of that listed above please hire a nanny, join a sugar daddy website, take off your vampire makeup and turn the TV to “The Doctors” instead of “Ophra” I’m uninterested. I am not bitter or angry with women, quite the contrary, I am simply sick of the idiotic childish tactics “SOME” women here on sites like these “and I mean SOME women” do to attract a mate and what they sacrifice to get one…”

BYE Felicio!!!

Firstly, I think this is such a rancid attitude and I have read enough profiles to conclude that the more bitter towards women you are in your opening “About Me” paragragh…the more fucked up you are and you’ll probably not be getting OFF the website-world anytime soon. How repulsive.

Secondly, my strategy IS to find a replacement dad for my tribe. Although its just one kid and she is not horrible. But, what is actually wrong with that? It’s one of my top 3 reasons to get my ass on dates right now…to see what my chances are of having a “NORMAL LIFE” for what remains of my fertile timespan. I am 32, so I am putting a lot of though (but, no “vampire makeup”) into this.

We shall see.




  1. cambriasmommy7 · October 7, 2015

    What a joke! Why assume someone’s children are horrible why not just simply state that you aren’t looking for someone with kids? And why does each kid have to be from a different man? What a prick!

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  2. parentified · October 8, 2015

    Hey, 3 Husbands is pretty impressive! I’m still trying to find my first!!!!!

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