Cookie pounds

Cookie pounds

we are all in the spirit of “blogtober”, so you’ll pardon my hasty post via iPhone, won’t you?

i work in the Weightloss field and had a shitty week myself in terms of food choices. I made cookies, knowing I’d eat them. I ate too many nuts, and drank some super shakes that trembled under the weight of their secretly massive caloric loads. It was rainy and blah and I felt gross after the nasty male interface I had last week. (See Dating Issue(s)…

so im doing what Catholics do best-telling a perfect stranger my nutritional sins, AND, playing the part of the dietetic priestess, telling you how I will atone for my carbimal sins.

im going to eat 900  protein calories tomorrow and 200 fat/carb calories max. I’m going to journal it all. And I’m avoiding all nuts. I will be eating like an “anti-squirrel”.

My innate desire to get fat in the winter is so laughable. Do any of you get like this in the fall? It’s so seasonal….

i am uploading today’s weight measurements in case anyone wants to see how serious I am in terms of being on the real.



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