Hey-I know how boring it is to listen to other people describe their nightmares…so I promise I will write something else more appealing ASAP.

I had a dream 2 nights ago that woke me up feeling terrified and sad.

I dreamed that I was a person who had been told that they were going to die soon, in a couple days. I was to have a surgery in  a couple days and either I would live or die but probably die.

Everyone I met in my dream knew…but none would tell me what was wrong with me. Initially, I believed I was simply going to die in a few days but after meeting a lot of dream people, I learned that there was a chance I wouldn’t die…but it was slim.

I finally got the doctor to tell me what I had, before I woke up: It was called Cellular Polio, I think its a metaphor for spending too much of my life online. Between Facebook, twitter, instagram and now TWO Dating Websites (Ambitious woman in thirties, here!), I spend a lot of time everyday in a virtual reality. Like, I might get frozen into space and virtual time and never escape back into the physical world…

That dream had a really scary death-vibe, and the suspense vibe was also high, as was the guilt vice. I think I am still a single-mom cawing at stability even in my god-damn dreams…


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