Coffee Dates

Is it just me, or is the concept of a coffee date as a first-date a very asexual one? I don’t drink alcohol, so I wonder if that edges people to invite me to coffee-as though the first date simply MUST incorporate drinking a beverage as the highlite.

regardless of the fact hat drinking alcohol and drinking coffee are likely to lead to altogether different possibilities.

Am I not “dinner-date material”…or is everyone on etc getting caffeinated on their first dates?

if I have to bother getting dressed up and finding a babysitter, or more likely-feeling guilty and leaving my kid home while I have a run out-shouldn’t I get a bit of dinner for it? The stakes are the same!

Until this resolves, I may have to resort to buying the top most expensive scone concoction on the bakers menu…and of course, eat nothing but a crumb!


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