How was your Halloween (Binge)?

With just 20 minutes left in the Halloween Night, I thought I’d check in with my “scorecard” for Halloween Binging.
Play along at home, folks!


1.) I pre-binged on healthy food like yogurt in the morning. I brought 2 small apples with me while we trick or treated, a pack of 9 girls, me, and one dad. The apples themselves are an “Off Limits High Carb” Food that I usually try to avoid. But tonight I figured they’d be a treat with less fat compared to candy.

2) Meanwhile, I did get offered candy during the halloween festivities. I ate, lets see…probably 3 snickers and 1 receese. I feel that is not of a bingeworthy note. But when we came home and the girls poured out their candy, I went and ate 2 protein bars that taste like candy, in order to let myself enjoy the premise of Halloween, which is, of course, binging on candy.

The real trick for me will be in the morning. I will probably make the girls some pancakes and I will have to be very careful not to be tempted into eating chocolate chips. Also, the threat of rifling through my daughter’s candy bag, which she so h=generously offers to share with me.

The Halloween Binge is OVER! And tomorrow, on the Day of the Dead, I will strive to make the best choices I can while I am alive! After all, I really did enjoy myself tonight! That means, NO MORE TOMORROW!!!



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