Chill that Candy Ghost

If I could offer you any advice after you’ve eaten far too much Halloween candy, it is GET ON THE SCALE!

Without fail, it sobers me up. I work at a facility that uses a fantastic scale (weightloss industry). I VOW to use it every time I work…but sometimes, after, say, a Halloween candy binge, (Nothing impressive, but, still..candy), I get nice and busy at work and almost convince myself not to weight myself in. But the truth is, the damage-control is always in the cold hard numbers on the cold, hard and unflinching scale.

I gained 0.4 lbs in 4 days since Halloween. You know what that is? A WIN!

Yet I was feeling like a huge pig on my way to work today. I even drank like 4 cups of tea on my way in, thinking that would sabotage my weigh in and that it would convince me not to get on the scale. I so dread getting on the scale after a weekend of totally eating like a 6th grade girl! #ThankYouHalloween

But now that I have, I am full of confidence that my day today will be better. I think in fact I should ramp it up and commit to weighing myself in religiously in the morning at home, too, on the days I don’t work.

I do seem to be at a weight that is hard to budge. Mid to upper 130’s.  I wish I could turn a switch and just think “Wow. A lot of women would kill to rock this body size. A lot of women probably think they’d feel SUPER sexy if their muffin top was just junior-sized like mine”. Really, I better shut up and enjoy myself. But isn’t that easier said than done?

There is so much shame about the way we eat and the foods we eat when we are acting out with food. And lets face it, thats what 50% of my intake is! And probably yours too. What I am REALLY ashamed about is my lack of self-indulgence to do other things besides eat, to nurture myself. I’m getting way better about it, but I really need to therapeutically SIT DOWN and read, or veg out, or take a bath (Note to self: Get a Jacuzzi in the very near future so my life can be changed).

If only lack of self-care were as embarrassing! Maybe that is a problem for the luxury-class, but I think I need to step up my game and start doing more things to self-soothe and unwind. Maybe I need to work on my diet even more, at the same time, get that process really into an order-I think that the “Eating When Hungry Diet” is really the “See-Food Diet”. I could be hungry all the time! I need to be more prescriptive with my meal times. Totally. It is so much pressure taken off me when I know whats happening now, later and last.

We are heading into extreme-darkness and that is always when I gain weight. I need to think seriously about this, and it may result in several more narcissistic seeming posts that all reflect on my self-image…but that is why I am blogging in the first place. Blogging is calorie-free and a high-impact mental workout!


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