Year of Mercy post

I really like the idea of keeping a “Year of Mercy” page. Its a great idea that Pope Francis is instilling in the Church and i can meditate on things here in mown life.

So today I decided to relinquish all control and ask my sister to decide what mass we go to on Christmas Eve. She has 3 kids, and 2 are babies. Earlier, part of me wanted to go to a late mass or a mass at my own church just to feel like my opinion mattered even though I don’t have as many kids. But then I though about the Year of Mercy and texted my sis, to say “Your call, girl”. And it felt great.

It reminds me of Deepak Chopra’s “Law of Least Effort”. His theory is that the Universe pushes back when we do, and bends and gives and is gracious when we go with the flow and don’t try to force things, ideas or plans on people. Very inline with Mercy. It takes effort to be angry. Just ask my scowl lines, lol.



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