my anony-bio


The less I tell you about me here, the more I will share on my blog. If you do actually know me, please don’t use my name, or my kid’s name, or my pet llama’s name, if I should have one, if you’d like to make a comment.

I don’t have a llama, but I do have a few quirks that I’d like to ensure stay untied to me professionally. Among them include: Recovering Alcoholic. Young, Single Mom. Gemini. Memoirist.

I was a black sheep growing up, a child of divorced, Catholic parents who always felt guilty and less-than, and went on to become a full-blown alcoholic by 10th grade, with several near-death experiences that did not phase me, because, obvs, shit doesn’t phase teenagers. I basically walked-on to college without any preparation-got accepted on the spot like, the week before school started, and thus began my adult life.

Then, 9/11 happened a week later.

Contemplating the new meaning of life as I knew it, I took some mushrooms and ran away from home. Can adults run away? Sure, if they are 18 or 19…

I started a new, alternative, “Rainbow family” life that embraced my alcoholism, and had a baby with an even bigger alcoholic who said he couldn’t HAVE babies. Miracle of miracles, huh…

I went back to college, dumped the guy, brushed out my dreadlocks, graduated all suma-cum-latte like, and moved back home-ish. I got two more degrees, possibly in the medical field, when I got back east. That was stressful, and I totally became a very skinny orthorexic to maintain some control over the live or die stakes at hand getting those degrees.

I had abs…I really did.

Then, I blacked out. Not new, right…

Then, I got sober.

Some people have told me that its pretty amazing that I got so much education and got into such a lucrative career field, but I still feel like the same old me, not really good enough, …”one foot in and one foot back. But it don’t pay to live like that.” #AvettBrothers

If you still really need to know me in a more substantial way, say, for an outstanding book deal, or to ask how you can be a super-mom like me (I know you already are, though), you can give me a shout and I will figure out how to get in touch with you in another format.

Until then, putting the Anonymous in the Alcoholic, loves.




  1. monicaspees · January 26, 2016

    You’ve got some good stuff on here. And thanks for the follow!

    Liked by 1 person

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