Minecraft Misery

Help! My daughter just “killed” her friend on Minecraft and replaced her “head” with another “head”, ┬ábut she didn’t ruin X’s house like X claims she did. Maybe Y did it. Or maybe it was a complete stranger also inhabiting their world, they ARE on there too, you know. Any my daughter can’t type that fast so you probably think she did something awful just because she can’t type fast enough to defend herself……..

No. This is not how it is going to be. My 12 year old daughter, getting into those fights that involve SO many friends (Minecraft and reality) at once, so it turns into a “She said, She said” type-fight which snowballs into a phone call, and texts, and tears. And MOM getting online to say “This isn’t cool guys” in what must read as the most annoying voice ever to invade Minecraft.

But actually, that’s how it is. And even though it got really ugly on the phone, I didn’t lunge into my daughter’s room to break up the phone call. Alright, the door was locked. But still.

As I clearly eavesdropped from the bathroom, my daughter and her friend slowly and suddenly “got over” the “killings and destruction” and their friendship seems to be in-tact. As I listened to the conversation, I wanted to interrupt so much, but breathed a sigh of relief as I heard the conversation take a turn for the better.

Everything is fine.

This is the dawning of the true Middle-School Era. When teenagers, with their temperamental hormones and sensitive feelings, blow things up until they want to teleport themselves out of their real actual friendships…but then puffily take a step back and reclaim their humanity.

Tomorrow is a new day. But today has been a real eye-opener.