Writing tips from Erica Jong

  • “I think writing elevates my mood because it’s a way of imposing order on chaos.”
  • “In order to tell a story you have to findĀ sequence inĀ experience. Sequence is a way of understanding an experience that has previously been obscure.”
  • “If you want to be a nice person, don’t write. There’s no way to do it without grinding up your loved ones and making them into raw hamburger.”
  • “No one ever asks for a new book, but you need to write it. And your need will eventually infect your reader.”
  • “Whatever is not fixed in language drifts away.”
  • “All autobiography is fiction and all fiction is autobigraphy…”
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  • “All fantastic literature had only 4 plots: The mingling of dream and realty, the double, time travel and the book within the book.”-jorge luis borges